Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother's Day

My mother's day this year was pretty laid back. Took Caitlyn to meet my parents, she was all dressed up for the occasion in the outfit my mom had given her for her birthday this year.

I had planned on making a hand print in some sort of cement thing, I'm not quite sure, I bought it at Walmart. But time got away from me. So we stopped at Walmart on the way to meeting them and I had her pick out the plant I was going to give my mom. Not sure why because the woman kills all plants. She loves them, she just kills them. Criminey, the woman's killed a cactus before, aloe plants, spider plants, flowers. You name it. She's killed it.

The first plant Caitlyn sees is an Orange Starflower. I've never seen it before but she was sold. "Ooooh It's beau-a-full" she stares and whispers. And promptly picks out the only plant that is as near to death as it could be without actually being dead. I found out that was the healthiest.

Now the card, these people knew what they were doing, the cards for Mother's Day was on the next shelf, right inside the door. She picks out a card with a flower on it because. "It has a flower on it. This is the card. Flowers are pretty. Grammy will like it."

At the restaurant we go through the buffet and my child. The one who will eat anything. Any. Thing. Refuses most of the food available. She would only take part of a muskmelon, grapes, strawberries and cream, and french toast. She only ate the grapes, strawberries, and two muffins my brother gave her. Sigh.

The waitress stopped to take our drink order and I say Caitlyn will have milk. She says of course. "No! I want juice. Apple juice." She leaves and Caitlyn yells, "Teacher! Where is my juice! TEACHER."

It was a nice visit. After the meal I took my mom shopping with Caitlyn and I while my dad and brother went and got their stuff done. We tried a cute little store with purses, hair clips, luggage, all custom. But sadly it was closed. So we just hit Walmart and wandered around for awhile. Until my dad and brother met us there. My dad sat at the entrance the entire time waiting 'patiently' for us to finish.

Since there's no one to do anything special for Mother's Day for me right now I bought myself the silverware I've been wanting for over a year now. No more cheapo stuff! Yay!

Hope everyone had a great day!

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