Saturday, March 27, 2010

SciFi always disappoints...

Oh sorry, it is now "Syfy" because apparently, the switch from 'ci' to 'y' makes it some how more, Science Fictiony. Or someone woke up one day, had to put the transparent writing in the corner of the shows and thought "Eff this. I'm tired of looking at the same logo every single day" and the 'y' was born.

Yeah, I've got too much time on my hands.

Currently I'm watching ...well crap it's something Ark. Archeology Ark? I'm not sure. The woman who played Gabrielle in Xena stars though. Who naturally is the long lost descendant of a tribe of people sworn to protect the earth and the secret of some monster (Hello plot of Mummy) who of course doesn't know she is because her parents died, she was raised by her grandmother who conveniently dies when she is 16, three years before she is to be told of her heritage and the old bat doesn't think to leave a letter for her to open on her 19th birthday and no one is in search of her. So instead of protecting the secret, she's part of the team who unleashes the apocalypse. Chaos, mayhem, and bad special effects ensue (it wouldn't be the Syfy channel without bad special effects. Jus' sayin')

So they run around trying to catch the monster with a large army Sergent in charge who mostly just threatens to kill people instead of actually doing much other than missing the creature entirely, or not learning that bullets won't penetrate its skin.

My big question. If these people can't kill it with any modern weapons (which lets face it, out rank any weapons of biblical times in creativity of explosions alone) how the hell is the creature held in some 'dog wood box' when the thing can pretty much pick up a military Humvee and throw it like a football.

The ending? The creature in it's miracle dog wood box with a large "Property of The Church. Do Not Open" on it, the camera goes wide and dum dum dum... shows dozens to hundreds of other boxes the same size or larger than said box. Oh the possibilities for terrible sequels.

But hey, kudos for the logo change. I know it's made the shows much more believable to me.

And that's a random Saturday rant for you. It could have been avoided if I'd just remembered the fact that Syfy shows (other than Sanctuary) annoy the living pee out of me.

I would have read, however I set the book on the couch and went to get it later, it was gone. I ask Caitlyn and she says "Oh hey! I found a book on the couch." "Great, what did you do with it?" "Huh? It's not there." looks on couch "It's not there!" (She did bring it to me much later when I was already absorbed in watching a show. Having put it under the couch when she found it.

Hope everyone's weekend is going great!

Monday, March 22, 2010

New Beginnings

There are a lot of things that I'd like to change about myself (don't we all want to change a few things?) and I'm getting on the right track.

First of all. I'm a huge pack rat. I can always find a reason to keep something. I store it in a box with other things that I have a very good reason for keeping also, and put it into the closet. Organized. Surprisingly, my closets are VERY well organized. I just don't know what's in them exactly. (Other than oodles and oodles of yarn, that is...) But I do know, that I had a good reason for keeping said item. Just don't ask me what it is when the box is taken out and gone through later on. Because honestly. I got nothing.

Two moves in the past year have forced me to shed myself of much unneeded clutter. So now, I'm into a one bedroom apartment, with much storage space that is quite organized (again, don't ask me what all is in said boxes.)

In the rest of my house, I'm known for not being that organized. I've always held the "It lays out so I know where it is when I need it" attitude. Which of course, I do not know exactly where it is. I can narrow it down to an area, but exactly? Nope. I've gotten quite a bit better from living with the Anal-Retentive-Control-Freak who shall not be named. Now it bothers me to have a lot of things just sitting out. So I'm actually a lot more organized in that area of my life as well. And getting better since I've started settling into this place.

So I've conquered my ignorance of cleaning. Even my car is cleaned on average of once a month (vacuumed etc.) Now onto other hurdles!

Starting with....dum dum dum. Weight (whatelse?) I know what has pushed me to this. A combination of factors, bad diet, no planning, I don't eat a lot, but I drink a LOT of my calories. I don't eat breakfast, but eat before I go to bed quite a bit. I don't exercise nearly enough. And so...I've talked to friends. Kristin, who lives 2 hours from me will be my phone buddy since we both have struggled with weight most of our lives. She lost quite a bit right after high school but gained about 2/3 of it back through the past 3 or so years through the same things I did. Combined with a lot of partying in the beginning. So right now, she's not that near to her original weight, but she's not at a place that she finds comfortable either. And she will be my phone buddy because we aren't ashamed of saying what we did during the day. Struggles, successes, foods we ate etc. Also, we can't lie to each other.

The friend that lives closer, Becky, would be able to work out with me on an odd schedule when she doesn't have her two kids. SO I have two people to keep me accountable this time around.

It's very nice outside so Caitlyn and I will be spending a lot more time outside, which is great. Just running around with her and going for walks while she's on her bike will be great for both of us this spring, summer, and fall. I can't wait! She loves her bike and I love that she's FINALLY figured out peddling.

So expect periodic updates here about how things are going.

Because hell, if I can get my clutter and cleaning under control, my weight issue might as well give up without a fight. Just ask my mother and the 1239093248320 fights we had while I was living at home to clean my room. She'll tell you.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Welp. Today I officially sucks as a mom. I used tap water to house Caitlyn's little fish. Ultimately killing them I'm sure.

The icing on the cake? She fed them yesterday, a lot. She takes this HUGE chunk of food out of the can and as I'm saying "NO! Not that much! TOO MUCH. THAT'S TOO MUCH!" She dumps it in. I sigh loudly and inform her that fish don't need that much food. Too much food will kill the fish.

Then today? The poor little fish are dead. Upside down on the bottom of the bowl. Not sure how THAT works. But they were. So I have to wash them all out, and get the bowl ready for the next one. I may get some sort of beta plant if we go the beta way like I'm thinking. Those things are hearty.

Now, I'm just trying to figure out how to tell Caitlyn her fish, Mama and one little baby are dead. Poor girl. She's sharp and she's got a memory like a steel trap (Which is quite unfortunate for me in many, MANY situations. But that's another topic) so I know she's going to remember the conversation about too much food equals dead fish. And she'll blame herself. I'm sure it was a combination of a lot of things that killed the lil guys, but in the end. My baby is going to cry. And I'm going to feel three inches tall and like the biggest meanie in the world for telling her that right before they die.