Thursday, May 6, 2010

Don't tell Dad

I've yet to surprise my mom for Mother's Day. Since we live 2 hours from her we rarely see her. I called my dad at work this week to ask him if he would be willing to bring her halfway and we would meet for lunch, a surprise.

He says he will check her schedule and give me call back as soon as he can.

That turned out to be about three days later. Today. He starts the conversation with. "This is your dad." Yes, thank you, I don't have caller ID on my cell phone and can't recognize your voice. Then continues with. "Your mom doesn't have to work on Sunday so I thought we would meet in Alexandria at (restaurant I can't remember but I know where the building is) because they have a $12.95 brunch for Mother's Day on Sunday. It's the building that Whiskey River used to be in. I'll pay for whoever is coming, you and Caitlyn?" (It was Whiskey Creek by the way) At the last comment I almost asked who the hell else I would randomly be bringing to brunch with my parents. But I didn't.

"You want us there at 10?" Realizing I'll have to miss church because he's trying to be frugal. I get it, he doesn't have to pay for Caitlyn and I, but he does have to pay for my brother who has no job. But he's my dad and I can't stop him from paying for us. Literally. He would occasionally allow us to pay for ourselves while I was married but now that I'm not, he pays. I know it's his way of making up for a lot of the stuff in childhood. So I let him. Plus, free food.

"Yep, and I told your mother so the surprise wouldn't be a shock to her system or anything. She knows. Can I talk to Caitlyn." at that Caitlyn runs from me because she's anti-phone right now with the excuse that "I just don't like talking all the time to people everyday on the phone." And speak with my mom for a bit. Caitlyn is barely willing to say a few words to my mom and then she's done. She has no phone etiquette. When she's done, she leaves. That's it.

So now we are having a Mother's Day brunch with my parents sans my sister. Which is always a good day.

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WhisperingWriter said...

Have a good Mother's day brunch!