Saturday, July 3, 2010

We used to have a machine

One of my favorite crafting magazines is Mary Maxim. Whenever this beautiful book arrives in the mail I look through it for hours. Thinking of all the projects I could make with things from this book. Using the patterns to make something similar on my own. Or drooling over new toys they have available for projects.

The latest is a small metal piece I still do not know the name of. But I head into Crafts Direct while visiting my aunt a month or so ago and wander to the fabric section. Four women are standing around talking about fabric pieces. Or whatever, I wasn't listening. I ask the small, kindly old woman who appears to have kept her makeup in a closet since 1955, or else she's been putting it on without washing it of since the same day. This makes me glad Caitlyn's not with me as the conversation starting with, "I just don't understand why you have so much makeup!" would not go well.

"Excuse me," I say, "I'm not sure what the name is, but you would put strips of fabric through this piece and they would fold the edges in so that if you want to make braided rugs, or crocheted rugs it will hide the frayed edges. Do you have it?"

"Oh yes!" She then heads to the back of the fabric section where a small shelf with various sewing paraphernalia is located. She stops, "We used to have a machine. I think we sold out."

I stare at her, expecting her to then ask someone else, walk down an aisle, or do something other than stare at me. What does she want from me? I already asked my question. I fulfilled my half of the customer-employee relationship here. She is still staring! "...ok?" I manage to get out. Thoroughly confused at her lack of ambition to find the item for me. Or ask the other three woman working with her either.

She then says, "Well lets check over here."

Oh good, maybe she can find it for me. That was weird.

We are down the aisle and she stops at a section of various brightly colored sewing things and says, "We used to have a machine, but I think we sold out of them."

I stare at her, still wondering what the hell is going on here. Almost expecting Candid Camera or something to come out but nope. She stands in front of me looking at me like that sentence made perfect sense and therefore I should be satisfied. I almost opened my mouth to ask if she would just ask her co-workers when she says "Hold on." Walks to the table with the fabric women and explains the item to them and asks if they know where it is.

"We used to have a machine." Pipes up one of the other women. Then dead silence. I felt a few brain cells pop and fizzle out as I stare at them all. Wondering how the hell they got this job in the first place. Then the second woman to tell me about the machine says. "Well I think they moved the stuff over here." And proceeds to lead us DIRECTLY to the spot we were just in and points at the items the Makeup Queen was in front of and says, "There, they are right here!"

We arrive at that point and the woman picks a piece up and says, "This goes to the machine, you see, we used to have a machine to do this. I think we sold out."

Nearing the point where I wanted to inform both women where they could shove the next shipment of said 'machine' I semi calmly ask. "Well, do you have something I can use withOUT a machine?

"Without? Oh, OH yes! Yes we do!" she reaches next to it and pulls up three pieces in different sizes and I chose the one I want and take it from her hand. Only to have her say again. "You see we used to have a machine. It would iron it for you and everything! But, we sold out."

"I see..thank you." I start to head away to hear the women talk to each other and the last sentence fading as I walk away was..."We used to have a machine..."

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